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Here you can upload your files to us - simply fill in your details, attach a file (up to 300mb) and we will contact you as soon as possible. External wiki

Pixel-Based Images/Scanned Images:

If you are sending scanned or pixel-based images (or 'raster/bitmap' - PSD, JPG/JPEG, TIF/TIFF, BMP, PDF, PNG), for best results please ensure they are actual size at a minimum of 300dpi. Please convert to CMYK if you can, so you see on your computer the colour shifts that may occur from screen to print (RGB to CMYK shift) and that you are happy to send us the final file.
If sending a native Photoshop .PSD file, please send any fonts used too as this format can contain vector and font information.
Please note that images from the web are usually too poor to print. We suggest searching for large images - these will reproduce much better.

Vector-Based Images:
Adobe Illustrator .AI and .EPS files should have all fonts converted to outlines (or supplied with the file) and layers flattened - all images should be embedded. Please use CMYK as your document colour mode and convert PANTONE (PMS) spot colours to CMYK unless you specifically want a Pantone match.
CorelDraw .CDR (and exported formats) should have all fonts converted to outlines (or supplied with the file), all images embedded and should also be in CMYK (with Pantone spot colours converted to CMYK).
Other formats such as Serif DrawPlus, Freehand, etc - please outline all fonts and embed placed images if you can. We can also handle SignLab, FlexiSign and other obscure files - please call us to discuss.


By far the most useful format - we can edit PDFs but the format is really designed to be supplied and output - what you give us is what we will print, no font or image issues (hopefully!). If a PDF is created properly, any unusual fonts used will be embedded automatically. Most DTP applications create excellent press-ready PDFs.

Microsoft Applications:

Publisher creates the best PDFs natively - it allows (and you should choose) commercial print settings for a PDF. This will ensure the highest quality reproduction on our presses.
Word is not ideal for creating PDFs, but can do it. A PDF created from a Word document is preferable to the Word document itself. If sending us a native Word document, please re-save a version with fonts embedded (when saving, choose 'options' and check 'embed fonts in the file').
Excel and PowerPoint are not designed for commercial print and can be (very) demanding to control - again, please create a PDF if you can.

DTP Applications:
Professional DTP applications, such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress and CorelDraw are designed specifically for output to print, and will give the best results. When supplying natively saved files, please collect any images and fonts used and compress to ZIP and send us this file. Otherwise, please output to PDF using 'press quality'.
Serif PagePlus is a very capable application, and creates impeccable PDFs - please export to this format if possible. Microsoft Publisher is also a good PDF producer, especially if the 'commercial printing' option is chosen.

Our biggest headache! We have a huge library of fonts, but new ones crop up every day! If you have used unusual fonts in your document, please send them too or convert to outlines.

Cropmarks & Bleed:
Next to font problems, the lack of BLEED (where any elements or images used in your design 'hang off' the edge of the page) causes problems for us. If your application allows it, when exporting to PDF, please give us 3mm of bleed and include crop marks too.

Other Applications:
We can handle almost all other file types, such as Apple Pages, PageMaker, OpenOffice documents, etc. If in doubt, please give us a call - 01594 840565.


We will email you (or provide hard copy) proofs of all orders prior to printing - the first proof is always free (further proofs may be chargeable). We will require sign-off approval of all orders.

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